Commercial Dining Café Outdoor Furniture Rattan Chair All Weather Condition ST-9047

Item Number: ST-9047
Material: Steel FRAME+Polyester rope
Construction: No Assembly Required
Style: Modern Outdoor
Application: Patio\Garden\Cottage\Courtyard\Beach\coffee shop\restaurant\versatile
Packing: Stackable
Warranty: 2 year

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PIPER presents and a variety of stackable outdoor chairs, with and without armrests, and dining chairs characterized by the steel tubular structure combined, with the weaving of polyester straps that covers the backrest. The combination of materials is wider with the teak seat. The pillow offers further touch of color to create new combinations but never discounted. The finishing variants proposed to the PIPER chair can be easily combined with garden tables in wood or metal; stackability and ease of maintenance is a product suitable for outdoor spaces in restaurants and hotels.

- Stainless steel - In case of exposure to atmospheric agents, periodically wash the product with fresh and lukewarm water. If the product needs more cleaning, use UNIVERSAL CLEANER and lukewarm or warm water. Then dry the surface with a soft cloth to avoid stains and halos due to water. It is advisable to rub in the direction of polishing (if the product is not painted) and to use a microfibre cloth to obtain an optimal result. To remove any fingerprints on the surface, use glass cleaner or ammonia, rinse thoroughly and dry with a cloth. In case of stubborn stains or scratches, we recommend a detergent and polishing product specific for stainless steel. Try the product in a hidden spot, before proceeding with the complete treatment of the piece of furniture. Do not use metal brushes, abrasive products, bleach, acidic substances and aggressive chemical solvents.
- Ropes - Brush or treat the affected area with UNIVERSAL CLEANER water and neutral soap. Do not use abrasive products, acidic substances or aggressive chemical solvents.

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