Garden Leisure Chairs and Table Sets WA-5121D

Model NoGarden Leisure Chairs and Outdoor Patio Table Sets WA-5121D


Main Material: Aluminum tube dia28*1.5mm
                       UV resistant PE rattan 8*1.3mm
                       white plastic foot plug

Packing 1.Sun Mast standard export packaging.
          2. According to buyer's specific request.
           3. 1x20' container, mixed order acceptable
          4.  sample order available
Color same as catalog as per buyer's request

Application restaurant, hotel, garden, resort, cafe, balcony, patio, swimming pool

Feature Eco-friendly, green product, UV resistant, colorfast, water-repellent,
stackable, easy to store and transport


Product overview:

Weather-resistant resin wicker in multi-browns

Powder-coated aluminum frames

Comfortably seats 4-6 garden sets

Sun Master Outdoor Furniture specialized in making weaving wicker, rope furniture, and textlenefurniture with aluminum frames and steel frames.

It's an exchange between different cultures and different ideas. together with Sun Master we created something that did not exist before and completely projected the future.

Item Number: WA-5121D
Material: Aluminum frame in bamboo finish and textilene
Construction: No Assembly Required
Style: Modern Outdoor
Application: Patio\Garden\Cottage\Courtyard\Beach\coffee shop\restaurant\versatile
Packing: Stackable up to 6 pcs
Warranty: 2 year



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With a hand-finished bamboo-look aluminum frame and synthetic wicker-wrapped joints, this commercial chair evokes the feel of a waterside setting. Despite its natural appearance, it features the toughness of man-made materials that look like the real thing. An elegant curved back and ample seat constructed of textilene mesh round out the look. With its island vibe, it’s appropriate for a variety of outdoor dining areas, and works especially well in laid-back, warm-weather settings. Fully welded legs feature feet capped with nylon glides to protect both furniture and floor. This chair has a matching bar stool and arrives fully assembled!


Choose the Right Materials for Your Bar Set

Bar units are accessible in a broad range of substances — wicker, aluminum, softwoods like pine, hardwoods like oak and teak,  and HDPE lumber are all available. When it comes to selecting the proper substances for your bar sets, you’ll desire to take countless elements into account:
Durability — how nicely will your bar set remaining when it’s left outside?
Maintenance — how handy will your bar set be to appear after?
Appearance — how will your bar set appear over time?
Surfaces — how nicely will the surfaces face up to meals and drink?
Comfort — how comfy and luxurious will your bar set be?
Weight — how convenient is it to go the Bar set around, and how resilient is it to weather?
Price — how a lot fee for cash will you get from the bar set?


Wicker as a Material for Bar sets
Wicker doesn’t simply have the sturdiness for backyard use. Black Wicker Dining Chairs is once in a while used as a cloth in bar units today.
Black Wicker Dining Chairs from Sun Master can from time to time be an appropriate fabric for furniture. Black Wicker Dining Chairs from Sun Master is easy to maintain.
Wicker — Points to Consider
Wicker is now not very resilient, it can be without problems damaged, particularly if you use the bar set a lot.
When used outside, wicker can lose its look quickly, as it is no longer weather-resistant.
Wicker is very mild and inclined to wind gusts.
The way wicker is woven capability that dust can get into the gaps, spoiling the look of the bar set.
This is an actual hassle if meals or drink is spilled onto the wicker.


Aluminum as a Material for Bar sets
Aluminum is a good choice as a Material for Bar sets. Bar units are frequently accessible in aluminum such as aluminum chiavari chairs and aluminum pool loungers. It’s a lightweight, long-lasting metal.
Aluminum — Points to Consider
Aluminum is tough, resilient, and convenient to maintain.
Your bar set, say aluminum chiavari chairs and aluminum pool loungers, can be left backyard all year-round, with no unwell effects.
It is fantastically long-lasting and definitely resistant to water and rust.
Lightweight building potential it can be inclined to gusts of wind.
So you'd better carefully selectan  aluminum furniture manufacturer when buying aluminum chiavari chairs and aluminum pool loungers. Sun Master is a professional commercial furniture factory that produces high-quality aluminum chiavari chairs and aluminum pool loungers. Choose us and you won't be disappointed!


Pine and Other Softwoods as a Material for Bar Sets
Although hardwoods are frequently extra popular, some bar units are made of pine or different softwoods. Softwoods are plentiful and less expensive however are no longer wonderful selections for an outside bar set as they don’t have a tendency to climate very properly and don’t withstand spills.
Softwoods — Points to Consider
Softwood isn’t very resilient or durable, it is effortlessly scratched or dented, which can have an effect on the look of your bar set.
Softwood needs to be varnished and blanketed if it is going to continue to be outside. Even then, the factors can rapidly affect how desirable the bar set looks.
Food and drink spills can all have an impact on the floor of the wood.
A softwood bar set will usually want to be restained or revarnished on a semi-regular basis.
Softwood is a cheaper preference when it comes to out of doors furniture.


Oak and Other Hardwoods as a Material for Bar Sets
Hardwoods are a higher desire that softwoods for a well-crafted, lasting bar set, however they are no longer barring issues. Like softwoods, they want to be oftentimes maintained to seem their best.
Hardwoods — Points to Consider
Hardwoods are pretty resilient and durable and are challenging to scratch, dent, or damage.
Hardwood has to be varnished and covered if it is going to continue to be outside.
Food and drink spills can all influence the floor of the wood.
Hardwood bar units will normally want to be restained or revarnished on a semi-regular basis.
Hardwood bar units are greater resilient to the factors and gusts of wind.
Hardwood is a relatively costly preference as a fabric for a bar set.


Teak as a Material for Bar sets
Teak is a famous preference for out of doors fixtures and bar sets. It is higher than different woods like pine, oak, bamboo, or wicker.
Teak — Points to Consider
Teak is long-lasting and resilient, as it produces its personal oil. It’s a hardwood, so isn’t effortless to dent or scratch.
It’s absolutely resistant to wind, water, and rust and can remain backyard all year-round.
Food and drink spills can all have an impact on the floor of the wood.
It’s solely reachable in one “color,” teak.
It is challenging to keep and wishes to be oftentimes rubbed down and dealt with to keep away from “silver patina.”
Teak is one of the pricier alternatives when it comes to outdoor furniture.

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