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  • Leisure Stolen From Busyness

    Leisure Stolen From Busyness

    With the improvement of the concept of living environment design, we have begun to focus on a higher level of love and belonging, respect and self-realization. Whether on holiday or on a cool autumn afternoon, the most comfortable is to put rattan tables and chairs with a sun umbrella on the balc...
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  • Why Choose Sunmaster Outdoor Furniture?

    Why Choose Sunmaster Outdoor Furniture?

    EXPERIENCE Sun Master was found in 1996. Partners include many well-known F&B and hotel brands,like Guangzhou Shanglian Thai Restaurant and Libya “A-one” Playcafe&Restaurant. After 25 years of growth, we had profound experience, professional technology, mature system. In addit...
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  • Restaurant Project Of Sun Master Furniture Manufacturer

    Restaurant Project Of Sun Master Furniture Manufacturer

    Sun Master is not only an OEM outdoor furniture manufacture with over 20 years’ experience of garden furniture manufacturer and café chair supplier, but an innovative design factory keeps launching more than 30 models every season. We are specialized in patio armrest cha...
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