• Main Types of Outdoor Garden Furniture

    Outdoor garden furniture refers to a series of appliances relative to indoor furniture that are set up to facilitate people's healthy, comfortable and efficient public outdoor activities in open or semi-open outdoor spaces. It mainly covers urban public outdoor garden furniture, Courtyard outdoor leisure furniture, commercial outdoor garden furniture, portable outdoor garden furniture and other four major categories of products.
    Outdoor garden furniture is a material element that determines the function of the outdoor space of a building and an important element of the form of outdoor space. The humanized design of outdoor garden furniture is a major trend in the development of modern furniture design. The existence of any furniture is for the purpose of people. The design of furniture has no meaning and value without people. The goal of furniture design is human-centered design, which is considered in terms of users, use methods, and psychological factors.
    Outdoor garden furniture, as a new fashion in furniture, embodies people's leisure and relaxation. When choosing outdoor garden furniture, you can forget all the disturbances in the decoration, and devote yourself to the beauty of the rural life of outdoor garden furniture.
    Outdoor garden furniture can be divided into three categories:
    Permanently fixed
    When it comes to outdoor garden furniture, we all know that if it is left outdoors for a long time, it will inevitably experience wind and sun, such as wooden pavilions, tents, wooden tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs. Generally, this type of furniture should be made of high-quality wood, which has good anti-corrosion properties and is relatively heavy. It should be placed outdoors for a long time. Therefore, many friends will consider the issue of material when purchasing outdoor garden furniture, especially outdoor sofas. Nowadays, outdoor sofas on the market can be divided into solid wood sofas and rattan sofas according to their materials. Different materials naturally have the different functional effects will also differ in terms of viewing.
    Such as foldable wooden chairs and sun umbrellas. When it is used outdoors, it can be stored in the room when not in use, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practical, without having to consider so many sturdy and anti-corrosive properties, you can also add some fabrics according to personal preferences.
    Such as small dining tables, dining chairs and parasols, this type of furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, outdoor travel, fishing are suitable, it is best to bring some outdoor equipment, barbecue stove Racks and tents add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.
    There is a more special classification in dining tables and chairs-that is, outdoor dining chairs. They are used in the open air, and in general hotels, outdoor garden lounge, some restaurants and cafes will use outdoor dining tables and chairs. The biggest difference between outdoor dining tables and chairs and indoor tables and chairs is the use environment. Although there is usually a cover above the outdoor dining table and chairs, it is still inevitable that it is often exposed to the sun, dew and rain, and even encounters severe wind and snow. Therefore, the material of outdoor dining tables and chairs must not use ordinary wood and metal, otherwise it will easily decay and deform.

    The humanized design of outdoor garden furniture is a major trend in the development of modern furniture design. The existence of any furniture is for the purpose of people. The design of furniture has no meaning and value without people. The goal of furniture design is human-centered design, which is considered in terms of users, use methods, and psychological factors.

    Common Materials of Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture

    If you leave it outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that the wind will blow in the sun, so you should be prepared for your home to have some deformation and discoloration. If the price is considered in the choice of wood, there are generally two choices of medium and low grade and high-grade wood. If the price is lower, domestic metsequoia or pine wood is generally used. If crack resistance and durability are good, imported camphor is generally selected. Wood, pineapple grid, African teak or Burma teak, for the sake of protecting the forest and protecting the environment, there are also many synthetic woods, such as some plastic wood, environmentally friendly wood, etc. The solid wood furniture made of the latter material not only looks beautiful, the color is beautiful, and the tenon is not easy to crack and deform. You need to be more careful in choosing the connector, because it is related to the sturdiness and safety of outdoor patio furniture and outdoor garden furniture.
    Metal materials: general steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast aluminum, etc., ordinary steel, cast iron material is easy to rust, aluminum alloy has better rust resistance, cast aluminum and stainless steel have better rust resistance, but the price is more expensive. Material selection
    Wood material
    Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose wood with a large oil content, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be treated with antiseptic treatment; the production process is also important, because deformation is inevitable because of long-term exposure. If the craftsmanship is not sufficient, the furniture is likely to fall apart due to weak tenon joints or incorrect expansion coefficients;
    In addition, wooden outdoor patio furniture outdoor garden furniture often needs to be maintained with wood oil or paint.
    Here are some common wood materials:
    Camphor wood in Southeast Asia
    Camphor is a genus Borneol and is produced in Malaysia. The wood is slightly shiny and the texture is slightly staggered; the structure is slightly thick and non-uniform; the hardness is medium to large and the strength is high. Easy processing of raw materials, smooth cut surface, good polishing, strong nail grip. After drying, the surface is machined or processed by hand.
    The characteristics of camphor wood in Southeast Asia: 1 bending resistance, aging resistance, high cost performance, 2 special anti-corrosion treatment, three-layer surface painting treatment, 3 health and health, and environmental protection standards.
    Red walnut
    Walnut family, evergreen tree, has the title of "King of African Trees". The origin is mainly Myanmar, India, Vietnam and so on. This kind of wood is uniform in color and has an oily texture; the heartwood is yellow-brown to reddish-brown, with a few thin strips or light dark-colored thin lines, some of the tube holes contain dark gum; the texture is straight or wavy; the wood is strong and the material is hard, Fine structure, uniform, corrosion resistance, good toughness, good wear resistance, small shrinkage. It is suitable for making precious furniture, high-end decoration, and making precious musical instruments.
    West rattan
    West rattan is an improved polymer material that is a substitute for rattan furniture. It is bright, beautiful and elegant, soft and comfortable, and durable. West rattan material can withstand the destructive realization of minus 30 degrees to zero 120 degrees, which is very suitable for outdoor patio furniture and outdoor garden furniture.
    Plastic material
    With the shortage of wood resources, more and more imitation wood products are also widely used, such as plastic wood, plastic wood, PVC, PS modified materials, etc. With the improvement of technology, these plastic products are more weather-resistant. It is rot-proof, does not change color, resists aging, and has no insects, and most of them are made of recycled plastic, which has made great contributions to environmental protection.
    Metal Material
    Compared with wooden outdoor patio furniture and outdoor garden furniture, metal materials are more durable, aluminum or water-resistant alloy materials are the best, but pay attention to prevent impact.
    Bamboo and rattan material
    Bamboo and rattan outdoor patio furniture is beautiful, but the price is expensive, and it is difficult to take care of, and it is easy to accumulate dust and mold, so you must choose good quality and special treatment. However, there is a kind of rattan-like outdoor patio furniture on the market --- West rattan, the price is cheaper than rattan, it is good to brush it, and it is durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

    Application for Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture

    From the perspective of social development, outdoor garden & patio furniture has begun to become the mainstream in the market, and it has begun to dominate our lifestyle changes. Let us take a look at the application of outdoor garden & patio furniture in various industries. First of all, from the real estate industry, we all know that when a good real estate developer often opens its real estate, it is a crowded scene. Indoors, the space is definitely not enough, so they have to go outdoors. Place, but outdoors, we have to take into account various factors, such as hot summer days, when the rain is dim, how to shade and rain is a very realistic problem, but with tables, chairs and umbrellas, then this problem can be completely solved. Just like the above, these outdoor products can not only provide customers with a temporary resting place, but also make customers feel relaxed physically and mentally, and the transaction success becomes much easier!
    Then comes the catering industry. With the improvement of people's economic living standards and the diversified development of leisure and entertainment, outdoor catering has become a trend. At night, three or five friends will sit outside the restaurant to eat, chat, and breathe outdoors. The atmosphere of the whole person will be very relaxed and cozy, and many restaurants are also aware of this way of making money, and have begun to launch outside dining, which of course cannot be separated from the outdoors
    Tables, chairs, and parasols are like the above. It can be said that as long as it is outdoors, products such as outdoor tables and chairs and outdoor parasols are inseparable. It can also be said that outdoor products are specially designed for outdoor recreation. For example, the park chairs in the park, lounge chairs by the outdoor pool, beach chairs, and outdoor cooling fans for the courtyard are all outdoor products. As long as we walk outside, we can see all kinds of products. All kinds of outdoor products, do not choose expensive, just choose the right one.
    A good yard must be equipped with good furniture to create a beautiful and fresh outdoor living area at home. So how do these outdoor garden & patio furniture apply? What precautions do they have?
    1. Depending on the weather
    Consider the weather in your own place. Does it often rain? Or is it tropical and hot and hot?
    Direct sunlight can cause cracks in wooden furniture, and metal materials can heat up under the sun's sunburn, making them uncomfortable to use. You have to consider them.
    If you live in a place with frequent tropical storms, strong convective weather, or near the sea, instantaneous high winds can also overturn very light furniture such as aluminum or plastic.
    2. Determine the style and material according to the placement
    Is there an awning in your outdoor activity area? Is the furniture on soft lawn or hard floor?
    Remember, if you are on the lawn floor, do not use furniture with cork frames. Cork will absorb moisture and cause damage to the frame. Try to choose plastic or steel frames instead. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a parasol. Direct sunlight is harmful to furniture and human skin.
  • The Selection of Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture

    How to choose outdoor garden & patio outdoor garden & patio furniture that suits our needs?
    The styles of design can be mainly divided into: traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, natural style and mixed style.
    1. The traditional style of interior design is to draw on the characteristics of traditional decoration "shape" and "god" in terms of interior layout, line shape, color, and the shape of outdoor garden & patio furniture and furnishings. The traditional style often gives people the feeling of historical continuity and regional context. It makes the indoor environment highlight the image characteristics of national cultural origin.
    2.The modern style emphasizes breaking through the old tradition, creating new buildings, attaching importance to function and space organization, paying attention to giving play to the beautiful form of the structure itself, concise modeling, opposing redundant decoration, advocating a reasonable composition process, respecting the performance of the material, and paying attention to the material The configuration effect of texture and color has developed a non-traditional asymmetrical composition method based on functional layout. The Bauhaus school attaches importance to the actual process production operations, emphasizing the connection between design and industrial production. At present, the broad sense of modern style also it can refer to the architectural image and indoor environment with a simple and novel shape and a sense of the times.
    3.The term postmodernism first appeared in Spanish writer De Onis's "Anthology of Spanish and Spanish Poems" in 1934, and it was used to describe the reaction that took place within Modernism, especially a modernist rationality. The rebellious psychology is post-modern style. In the 1950s, the United States also gradually formed a post-modernist cultural trend under the so-called modernism. Under the influence of popular art rising in the 1960s, post-modern style is a modern style. Critique of pure rationalist tendencies, post-modern style emphasizes that architecture and interior decoration should have historical continuity, but does not stick to traditional logical thinking methods, explores innovative modeling techniques, pays attention to human touch, and often sets exaggerated and deformed columns in the interior. Styles and broken arches, or the abstract forms of classical components are combined in a new way, that is, using non-traditional methods such as mixing, superimposing, dislocation, fission, and symbols, metaphors, etc., in order to create a sense of sensibility and reason Architectural image and interior environment that integrates tradition and modernity, kneading the masses and experts. To evaluate the visual image we see, we need to analyze from the design ideas through the image.
    4. Natural style advocates "returning to nature", aesthetically respecting nature and combining nature, so that people can achieve a physiological and psychological balance in today's high-tech, high-paced social life. Therefore, wood, fabric, stone, etc. are often used indoors. Natural materials, showing the texture of the materials, fresh and elegant. In addition, due to the similarity of its purpose and method, the rural style can also be classified into the natural style. The rural style strives to express a leisurely, comfortable and natural rural life in the indoor environment. For fun, it also often uses natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials with rustic textures. It is clever to set indoor greenery to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere.
    5. Mixed style is a state of diversification and compatibility in architectural design and interior design in recent years. There are also modern and practical interior features in the interior layout, which absorb the ancient and modern Chinese and western in the decoration and furnishing. For example, traditional screens, furnishings, and coffee tables, with modern-style wall and door and window decoration, new sofas; European-style classical glazed lamps and wall decorations, with oriental traditional outdoor garden & patio furniture and Egyptian furnishings, sketches, etc. Although the style is eclectic in the design and uses a variety of styles, the design is still unique and deliberately deliberate on the overall composition and visual effects of the shape, color, and material.

    Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture Buying Tips

    Buying the first outdoor garden & patio furniture is almost as exciting as buying the first house with a garden. Before you rush out for shopping, take the time to do your homework and pick out furniture for your patio, terrace or porch that will suit every weather. Before you choose the best outdoor garden & patio furniture for your home, here are five things to know:
    Cheap furniture may cost you more
    When you start buying outdoor garden & patio furniture online, you will notice a big difference in prices. I should ask our seats not to slide around every time we sit down. Once attracted by the price tag, I bought an artificial wicker combination furniture. Unless you sit down very carefully, the seat will slide, the cushion will slide, and even the dogs at home are very sensitive to this. Although cheap is tempting, don't let it be the only factor driving your consumption. Really cheap things are often very light and fragile. The so-called penny is the truth.
    2. Legs of some chairs are too thin for wooden floors
    If your chairs are placed on a wooden floor, but the legs on the chairs are thin, this means that they can easily fall into the gap between the boards. We must be vigilant about the placement of our chairs and constantly remind our guests to do the same-this is not exactly the best setting for spontaneity and fun.
    If you want to buy an outdoor wooden dining table and chair, consider the legs of the chair to make sure they don't get stuck in the gap when you pull the chair out.
    3. The right material is suitable for the right environment
    For fate, we pay close attention to each other, the same is true for furniture, the right one is the best. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the types of materials you will find when buying outdoor garden & patio furniture: teak, eucalyptus, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, wicker, synthetic resin. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, making it suitable for specific climates and outdoor environments, but not other environments. Take various metals as examples. Aluminum is very light, which means it is not suitable for strong wind areas. Stainless steel is bulky and difficult to maintain, but it can become super-hot in the sun, so it's not ideal if you plan to expose it to the sun.
    If you live in a humid climate, ignore wooden furniture first; even hardwood furniture, such as teak, needs to be treated regularly to prevent cracking and warping. As for natural wicker, they are designed for outdoor covered spaces, because they cannot really withstand the test of the natural environment. Synthetic resin wicker furniture is a better choice if you like the style and want to use it outdoors. Just because you encountered it in an outdoor garden & patio furniture area doesn't mean it's suitable for your outdoor environment or climate.
    4. You need a rainy day plan
    Outdoor fabric furniture is waterproof, but it doesn't mean we don't have to do anything-this is a common mistake made by novices. After rain, fabric furniture causes wet, heavy cushions in the short term, which will mold if left un-dried for a long time.
    Some protection strategies, from best practices to the most basic: bring them indoors and place them upright, but at a certain angle so they can dry out moisture. As for the base and unpadded components, consider buying protective covers-especially wooden furniture. Outdoor fabrics are durable and waterproof, but be sure to protect them from heavy rain.
    5. Place outdoor garden & patio furniture in a place of electrical wiring.
    Assuming your yard has trees and birds, everything seems beautiful. However, if there is a wire passing through, you need to be very careful not to place the furniture near the wire, raise your head, and think about what will fall on your outdoor furniture. Are there many birds over your site? Is there a tree that will drop berries that might stain it? If so, you must plan to protect your furniture or find a place to put it.

    Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture Maintenance

    Outdoor garden & patio outdoor garden & patio furniture repair can be divided into the repair of structural parts and the surface paint, color treatment.
    Maintenance of structural parts
    1. Chair repair (pulley, air pump, armrest, pentacle, foot cover, tablet, repair and replacement service)
    2. Desk maintenance (locks, drawers, drawer slides, keyboard racks, handles, mainframe support, sheet crack repair)
    3. Office sofa (deformed, bent)
    4. Wooden and steel filing cabinet (lock, drawer, drawer slide, keyboard shelf, handle, hinge, door frame deformation adjustment)
    5. Solid wood, rosewood, sticker outdoor garden & patio furniture, paint problems, scratches, cracks and other paint problems.
    6. Surface treatment of paint-free building materials such as wooden doors, floors, stairs, flower windows, aluminum-wood composite windows. (The principle is the same as the previous one, so the color maintenance of the building materials is also classified as this category)
    7. Repair and refurbishment of leather sofas, leather products with scratches, fades, and old colors.
    8. Repair of marble cracks and fractures, splicing and polishing. When cleaning and maintaining outdoor garden & patio furniture, make sure that the rags you use are clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn over or use a clean cloth for reuse. Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the side that has been soiled, as this will only cause the dirt to rub repeatedly on the surface of the outdoor garden & patio furniture, but will damage the bright surface of the outdoor garden & patio furniture. To maintain the original brightness of the outdoor garden & patio furniture, there are two kinds of outdoor garden & patio furniture care products, such as outdoor garden & patio furniture care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent. The former is mainly aimed at outdoor garden & patio furniture made of various materials such as wood, polyester, paint, fire-resistant rubber sheet, and has two different fresh fragrances: jasmine and lemon. The latter is suitable for all kinds of outdoor garden & patio furniture made of wood, glass, synthetic wood or melamine, especially for outdoor garden & patio furniture made of mixed materials. Therefore, if you can use skin care products that have both cleaning and care effects, you can save a lot of valuable time.

    Before using the spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent, it is best to shake it, and then hold the spray can directly at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the liquid components in the can can be completely released without losing pressure. Then spray it gently on a dry rag at a distance of about 15 cm, and then wipe the outdoor garden & patio furniture again to achieve a good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, after using the rag, remember to wash and dry. As for outdoor garden & patio furniture with fabric materials, such as fabric sofas and leisure cushions, you can use cleaning and maintenance agents to clean carpets. When using, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, and then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a wet cloth to wipe it. Many outdoor garden & patio furniture care wax spray manuals can be used to maintain leather sofas, causing many housewives to make mistakes. And the sales staff in outdoor garden & patio furniture stores know that outdoor garden & patio furniture care spray wax can only be used to spray wooden outdoor garden & patio furniture surfaces, not spray on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa is actually animal skin. Once the wax is sprayed on it, it will cause the pores of the leather products to become clogged. Over time, the leather will age and shorten its service life. In addition, in order to make the outdoor garden & patio furniture look shinier, some people apply wax products directly to the outdoor garden & patio furniture, or use it improperly, but it will make the surface of the outdoor garden & patio furniture foggy.

  • Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture Industry in China

    For the domestic market, outdoor garden & patio furniture is still a new breed. Although the outdoor garden & patio furniture industry is developing rapidly, it still has a long way to go compared with Europe and the United States. In addition, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture manufacturers often win at low prices in the expansion of overseas markets, and have not yet entered the stage of winning by quality. In terms of design concepts and marketing models, they are still far from international brands. In general, the status quo of China's outdoor garden & patio furniture market is "export-oriented, exports continue to grow; domestic sales have gradually increased, but their share is relatively low."
    The world's largest outdoor garden & patio furniture production and export volume
    After the arrival of the new century, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture market has developed rapidly, and has become the world's largest outdoor garden & patio furniture manufacturer and exporter. According to import and export statistics, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture production and export volume has increased rapidly, and production and export enterprises are mostly concentrated in Guangzhou, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places. The market outlook for the outdoor leisure industry is promising. According to customs statistics, since 2001, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture  exports have grown at a rate of 30% year by year, and reached 2.48 billion and 3.16 billion US dollars in 2004 and 2005, respectively, mainly for markets in Europe, America and Hong Kong. Affected by the financial crisis, the export volume of outdoor garden & patio furniture has dropped sharply after 2008. As of 2013, although the export market is still weak, the US market has seen recovery, and emerging markets such as Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia have grown rapidly. As a major exporter of outdoor garden & patio furniture, China occupies an important position in the international market due to its good quality and price advantage.
    However, it should be noted that due to the support of policies in Zhejiang and other places, the trend of concentrated development of outdoor garden & patio furniture manufacturing enterprises in other regions is significant.
    The consumption of outdoor garden & patio furniture is not high, but the demand is growing rapidly and the development potential is large
    Compared with other types of furniture, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture goals are mostly concentrated in companies with high economic strength and high-end consumer groups, and the consumer market space needs to be expanded. Moreover, there are huge differences between foreign and domestic consumption concepts. In foreign countries, after customers see a certain series of outdoor garden & patio furniture , they will find a way to carry it to their homes for self-planning and furnishing, so as to have fun; but domestic consumer groups are more concerned about the after-sales service of outdoor garden & patio furniture , which greatly increases The service operation expenditure of outdoor garden & patio furniture  retailers, many domestic companies have focused their efforts on overseas market expansion, even at the expense of lower prices, which has led to the slow development of the domestic outdoor garden & patio furniture  market. It is difficult for professional and branded outdoor garden & patio furniture companies to develop rapidly and grow. Statistics show that more than 70% of the furniture produced by outdoor garden & patio furniture companies is only for export. With the gradual strengthening of national leisure consciousness, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture market has been constantly developing. Although "the market is difficult to do", many outdoor garden & patio furniture companies generally believe that China's outdoor garden & patio furniture market has huge development potential.
    Outdoor garden & patio furniture research needs to be strengthened
    For the domestic market, outdoor garden & patio furniture is still a new breed. Although the outdoor garden & patio furniture industry is developing rapidly, it still has a long way to go compared with Europe and the United States. In addition, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture manufacturers often win at low prices in the expansion of overseas markets, and have not yet entered the stage of winning by quality. In terms of design concepts and marketing models, they are still far from international brands. Due to the lack of branded outdoor garden & patio furniture in China, many international brands have quickly occupied the Chinese market after entering the country. It is difficult for new domestic brands to compete and lack of customer loyalty. In order to better connect with overseas markets, we must accelerate the creation of China's outdoor garden & patio furniture brands, learn from foreign excellent experience, strengthen research and development efforts, and improve the professional level and market competitiveness of outdoor garden & patio furniture products.

    Outdoor Patio Furniture Factory

    In modern life, people now communicate more with nature through the courtyard. The artistic coordination between stone and grass, water and flowers, lights and shadows, wood and pavilion and all the elements in the courtyard together form a beautiful waterscape. Regardless of the size of the courtyard, it is a place where you can display your design talents. Even in the area of five or six square meters, the owner of the courtyard can dress it up with a unique brilliance. Outdoor patio furniture, flower stands, swing chairs, and fences, no matter where they are used in the courtyard, it will create a warm, comfortable, natural and harmonious atmosphere, and meet people's urgent desire for natural return. And outdoor patio furniture is not only one of the elements of courtyard aesthetics, it also carries the bits and pieces of the owner's life in the courtyard.
    The biggest advantage of a single seat is its flexibility, which can be moved at will, provided according to demand, and can be removed or added at any time. Today's new outdoor seats use aluminum frame and stainless steel as the base frame, plus rattan and fabric decoration, and pursue the path of modern minimalism. Able to easily adapt to both traditional and creative trends, the style is changeable.
    The reason for the existence of outdoor sofas is the same as that of indoor sofas, that is, to relax and lie down, stretch your limbs, and relax reading. Sit outdoors with your loved one, your child or family and friends in the morning or dusk to enjoy the fresh air, snuggle or chat, outdoor sofa is a very good choice.
    For casual occasions or formal occasions, outdoor dining will require a set of high-quality dining tables and chairs. Whether the table is square or round, the dining chairs can be harmoniously matched to provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for the dining experience.
    The major consumers of outdoor patio furniture and supplies are Europe and the United States. At present, the industry has formed a stable market size in developed countries such as North America and Europe, and the industry is relatively mature. The development of this industry is closely related to people's habits and lifestyles. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, most people live in single-family houses with courtyards and have large outdoor activity spaces. People are more willing to choose outdoor leisure activities. Outdoor patio furniture and supplies have become a part of quality of life, representing leisure a lifestyle that blends with nature, so European and American developed countries have a greater demand for outdoor patio furniture and supplies. According to the use situation, the general replacement period of outdoor patio furniture and supplies is 1-3 years. The average replacement cycle of outdoor patio furniture and supplies is generally 1.48 years, which is a consumer product that requires frequent updates. When the economic environment is good, people tend to shorten the replacement cycle as long as the household expenses can be afforded.
    Especially in recent years, the outdoor patio furniture and supplies market has developed towards individualization and fashion. The demand for personalization and fashion has accelerated the upgrading of products, increased the update speed of outdoor patio furniture and supplies, and promoted the growth of industry demand. Outdoor patio furniture and supplies started late in the domestic market. However, with the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of residents' living environment, the domestic market demand for outdoor patio furniture and supplies has begun to show great growth potential. The increase in per capita disposable income provides an economic basis for people to purchase outdoor patio furniture and supplies. The per capita disposable income of domestic urban residents increased from 11,759 yuan in 2006 to 33,616 yuan in 2016, and the per capita net income of rural residents increased from 3,587 yuan in 2005 to 12,363 yuan in 2016. The increase in per capita income directly affects people's consumption behavior. The continuous improvement of per capita housing area has provided a space basis for outdoor patio furniture and supplies. The improvement of residents' living environment is reflected in the increase in the per capita housing area and the increase in the proportion of villas, penthouses, penthouses and split floors. People have the opportunity to have their own outdoor small courtyards, large outdoor platforms, small gardens or semi-outdoor open terraces. The extension of living space will inspire people to create outdoor space, place sofas or chairs in outdoor courtyards, and enjoy the richer sunshine and rain, thereby creating a strong demand for outdoor patio furniture and supplies.
    The development of outdoor patio furniture and supplies in China started late, and due to the restrictions of living conditions, the penetration rate of the civilian market is low. At present, outdoor patio furniture and supplies are mainly concentrated in the commercial field, such as public shopping places, high-end clubs, resorts, and scenic spots. In recent years, as domestic per capita income has risen, people’s material living standards have increased, consumption power has increased, and fashion concepts have become popular, Chinese consumers ’demand for outdoor patio furniture and supplies has grown rapidly. The increase in per capita disposable income of residents, the acceleration of urbanization, and the prosperity of the outdoor catering industry will become the main driving factors for the outdoor patio furniture and supplies industry.
    The manufacturers of new materials and technologies can not only improve product life, increase product performance and functions, but also effectively increase product profit margins. Therefore, it has been favored by companies in the outdoor patio furniture and supplies industries, such as the use of wood plastic and art wood Substitute some wood and metal materials for outdoor patio furniture and supplies, so that the product has a stronger anti-corrosion function while having a good touch. The manufacturers of new materials makes the product both beautiful and prolongs the outdoor life. With the development of the domestic economy, the living standards of the people have greatly improved, and the demand for outdoor patio furniture and supplies has also developed in the direction of health and environmental protection. Therefore, the use of new materials and new technologies to produce environmentally friendly, energy-saving and green products will become a popular trend in the future outdoor patio furniture and supplies market consumption.
    At present, the supplier’s channels of outdoor patio furniture and wholesaler are still mainly channel companies such as large supermarkets and brand chains in bulk. The development of e-commerce will gradually change the existing industry sales model. Through the e-commerce platform, customers can be clearly displayed in all directions, effectively reducing the cost of sales, simplifying the transaction process, and improving transaction efficiency. In the future, the e-commerce model will become an effective supplement to existing sales channels, and promote more efficient circulation of the outdoor garden furniture and supplies market.

    The Development of Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture

    Analysis on the Development Prospect and Development Direction of outdoor garden & patio furniture in China
    With the gradual improvement of public life taste, as an important component of China's leisure industry, the outdoor garden & patio furniture industry will become one of the most promising leisure branch industries. In the future, China's outdoor garden & patio furniture will develop in the following directions.
    1. Personalized and diversified development
    With the advancement of the times, people’s consumption levels are getting higher and higher, and they are more and more concerned about the personalized development of furniture products. The lack of distinctive outdoor garden & patio furniture makes it difficult to meet the needs of the outdoor garden & patio furniture market in China. The gradual market segmentation further promotes the development of outdoor garden & patio furniture in the direction of diversity and multifunctionality, which mainly depends on the large differences in economic, cultural, hobbies and likes of consumer groups at all levels. Therefore, as far as outdoor garden & patio furniture is concerned, it is necessary to face different consumer groups, master their respective aesthetic tastes, have tailor-made and tailor-made, and pay attention to highlighting individual characteristics and displaying the theme of outdoor garden & patio furniture, from culture, aesthetics, spirit, etc. Level to meet the needs of users in all aspects.
    2. Brand development
    Although China is a large country in the production and export of outdoor garden & patio furniture, overseas markets still lack high-end brand outdoor leisure furniture products. Most high-end products still come from developed countries. China's outdoor garden & patio furniture manufacturing enterprises must accelerate research and development and design efforts. Build high-quality furniture brands as soon as possible and improve the competitiveness of the international market.
    3. Sustainable development
    As the public's awareness of environmental protection gradually increases, outdoor garden & patio furniture will pay more attention to greening and sustainable development in the future. The selection of outdoor garden & patio furniture materials will pay more attention to environmental protection and protection of ecological resources, strictly control the amount of forest resources harvested, and widely use resources such as metals and plastics. In addition, companies are focusing on accelerating the innovation of materials. On the one hand, speeding up the development of new environmental protection materials, it is used in outdoor home design; on the other hand, it innovates traditional materials, reforms the processing technology, improves the recyclability and recyclability of materials, and realizes the sustainable development and utilization of outdoor garden & patio furniture as soon as possible.
    4. Humanism
    Outdoor garden & patio furniture is to meet the pursuit of leisure life of consumers at different consumption levels. Therefore, the future development of outdoor garden & patio furniture will pay more attention to people's needs. Nowadays, outdoor garden & patio furniture manufacturers have realized this, and have begun to establish a people-oriented concept, pay attention to the needs of the human body, and actively adopt ergonomic theories and methods to try to create the most comfortable, leisure, safe and healthy outdoor garden & patio furniture products.

    In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to outdoor leisure in order to pursue a healthy and healthy fashion life. In the outdoor space, people can really get close to nature, be in nature, and enjoy the comfort and comfort it brings. International economists generally believe that the age of leisure has arrived. It is outdoor garden & patio furniture that develops and progresses synchronously with outdoor leisure life. Chic and exquisite outdoor garden & patio furniture has become a beautiful landscape in outdoor leisure life. With the acceleration of urbanization and the development of tourism, outdoor garden & patio furniture has become a hot spot in the furniture industry. Although outdoor garden & patio furniture has not risen in China for a long time, the market development trend cannot be underestimated. China has become the largest exporter of outdoor garden & patio furniture, but it should be noted that the domestic market share is low, and how to effectively develop the domestic market for outdoor garden & patio furniture has become the focus of furniture companies' exploration. In any case, the domestic outdoor garden & patio furniture market has huge potential and the market development prospects are very broad.

    Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture Design Trends

    A major feature of Outdoor garden & patio furniture design now is that many popular design elements have been commonly reflected in modern Outdoor garden & patio furniture and outdoor classical furniture that seem to be thousands of miles apart: the emphasis on the texture of logs, letting homes embrace nature; materials, fabrics Mix and match, giving furniture a lively personality.
    The texture of the log of modern furniture is emphasized
    This year in the modern Outdoor garden & patio furniture market, you can smell a strong natural breath. Whether it is a table or a cabinet, the texture of the log is the most popular element. The strong and lined wood grain texture is greatly highlighted. It is almost impossible to see that the surface of these Outdoor garden & patio furniture is painted with a protective paint or film. , So that you can feel the real texture of the wood grain when you touch it with your hands.
    Bold use of metal and paper materials
    In the application of materials: The maturity of metal technology has made Outdoor garden & patio furniture more modern, and paper furniture is constantly picking the eyes of cute people. Pure copper or stainless steel electroplated Outdoor garden & patio furniture design, such as the master's chair, the minimalist lines of stainless steel outline the shape of the traditional master's chair, and the brass-colored material surface makes this product shine under the light, which is particularly moving. There are also very characteristic paper furniture. One of the seats was replaced with colorful paper cushions, full of personality. Another bench is very bold, hiding the stainless steel frame in the paper frame, and the seemingly impossible design of paper support is realized.
    Artistic fabric blends into the sofa
    Although the artistic elements are not universal in modern Outdoor garden & patio furniture this year, they have a strong vitality in the new products of individual designs. For example, there is a lounge chair with a modern painting pattern on the back, which seems to be painted in watercolor, which enhances the sense of furniture design. The furniture design inspired by big artists not only incorporates colorful fabrics, but also applies many artistic textures to the patterns, highlighting the individuality of the furniture.
    Classic furniture
    French fashion + patchwork fashion + gorgeous leather
    Although classical furniture is mainly inherited, this year's new product development has incorporated many interesting design elements. The patchwork design is a feature. Plain or different printed purple-themed flannelettes are combined into a sitting surface, which is matched with blue-gray lacquered borders to add avant-garde to classical furniture.
    Veneer is a very common craft for classical furniture. In the past, classical furniture may be inspired by the curved carvings of European-style furniture, and used veneer to create gorgeous decorative patterns. This year, it emphasizes the drama and symmetry of veneer itself. Coupled with the thick texture paint, it shows a low-key luxury. Among the classical choices of different styles, French characteristics are emphasized. Simplistic carved and compact appearance is the mainstream, with the old effects of light gray green, light beige, ochre and other colors. Or minimize the carved elements, even the design of the bed screen is subtracted from the carving, leaving only a roof like a building, which is very bold.
    The material finds more possibilities besides rattan. This year's Outdoor garden & patio furniture design also attempts to break away from rattan's restrictions on Outdoor garden & patio furniture and diversify the development of materials. New materials, fabrics, leather, stainless steel and other materials are increasingly seen in Outdoor garden & patio furniture. The newly developed high-pressure shaped sponge uses an integrated forming process to make an outdoor stool that looks like leather; a material with a lower density makes a soft cushion similar to latex, allowing Outdoor garden & patio furniture to get rid of the hard appearance.
  • Sun Master is an established company manufacturing outdoor furniture. We are specialised in making wicker furniture in aluminium frames and steel frames. Our highest capacity is 80,000 sets of furniture a month. Our furniture is of high quality, and our export markets are mainly the European countries and the United States.

    Sun Master was previously owned by Skyline Aluminium Co., Limited. Skyline mainly manufactured aluminium products for Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Up to 30,000 tons of aluminium a year were used to produce casement and sliding windows, doors, and cabinets for export to these countries.

    Branching out from Skyline and establishing Sun Master in 1996 to specialise in the outdoor furniture industry, we worked hard to achieve the industrial standards and gained the ISO9001 quality system and product quality authentication certificate from the China Certification Committee in 1999. By 2008, we had moved to our present location to expand our productivity with 300 experienced workers. The hard work and constant upgrading, together with our management system, brought us to a whole new level. We were able to achieve the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification which had widen our scope and perspective in exporting to Europe and the United States market.

    Sun Master began manufacturing a higher quality and designers’ wicker furniture in the year 2010. Every year new designs and models are developed to satisfy the demands of our customers. Exclusive models were made for customers with long term relationship with us, which in turn allow them to become highly competitive in the outdoor furniture market in their countries.

    Developing long term relationship with our customers and buyers is our goal. Our simple strategy is to maintain integrity and fairness in pricing to gain trust. Have consistency in our product quality and delivers on time is our motto. Constantly improving on our weaknesses and making our best, ever better.

    The factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong, China. Traveling to the factory from Guangzhou Baiyun airport takes about 40 minutes, about the same time it takes to travel from Guangzhou East railway station. We welcome you to pay a visit to our site, and also see the beautiful Guangzhou City. On the other hand, you could travel by train from Hunghom, Hong Kong to Guangzhou and we could pick you up from there to visit our factory.

    Sun master worked hard to gain international recognition by adhering to Business Social Compliance Initiative and also gained the ISO9001:2008 standard.

    That simply means that we are socially aware of our people's needs and materials origin, and are giving our full support to them and responsibly acquire our materials for production.


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